Tommy Vollman’s stories and nonfiction have appeared (or will appear) in issues of The Southwest Review, The Southeast Review, Two Cities Review, Palaver, Pithead Chapel, and Per Contra, among others. Tommy’s work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and the “Best of the Net” anthology.

Publication History:

The Southwest Review, Forthcoming 2019

Literary Yard, August 2019

Bluepepper, July 2019 (click here for link)

Edify Fiction, Summer 2019

The Southeast Review, April 2019 (click here for link)

Light and Dark Magazine, January 2019

Parhelion Literary Review, January 2019 (click here for link)

Maryland Literary Review, December 2018 (click here for link)

Projected Letters, Winter 2018

IO Literary Journal, November 2018 (click here for link)

Constellations Literary Journal, November 2018

34th Parallel Magazine, July 2018

Sky Island Journal, June 2018 (click here for link)

A Light in the Sky Anthology, January 2018

Down In the Dirt Magazine, November 2017

Adelaide Magazine, July 2017

Scarlet Leaf Review, July 2017

Literary Heist, June 2017

Red Fez, June 2017

West Texas Review, June 2017 (click here for link)

Scars, May 2017

Gris-Gris Literary Review, Spring 2017

Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review, Fall 2016

Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Fall 2016 (click here for link)

Gival Press ArLiJo, April 2016 (click here for link)

Two Cities Review, March 2016

The Critical Pass Review, Spring 2016 (click here for link)

Empty Sink, August 2015

Crab Fat Magazine, June 2015

Palaver, June 2015 (click here for link)

The Tavern Lantern, June 2015

Literary Orphans, June 2015

Dark Matter Journal, January 2015 (click here for link)

Per Contra Literary Journal, January 2015 (click here for link)

Pithead Chapel, June 2013 (click here for link)